Start Losing Weight Like the Persistence Predator You Are

For the majority of human history, we have utilized various evolutionary assets to hunt.

Armed with snares, traps, and spears, humanity slaughtered its way through the ages.

Today I want to tell you about one of the best and most unique tools in the human hunting arsenal. It’s something that we should take to heart, especially when it comes to setting and achieving our goals.

We also used to hunt our prey using our sweat glands.


Our ancestors would select a target and simply walk at it until it was incapable of running from then any longer. We won those hunts not because humans are stronger. Nor was it due to us being faster.

We walked animals into an early grave because human beings have the unique ability to out-stubborn anything on the planet.

Now that you know about how our ancestors would earn their daily (meat) bread, I will pivot to why this matters with weight loss. Weight loss is a subject near and dear to my heart. It’s something I’ve struggled with my entire adult life. I think about it constantly as I tinker with my diet and exercise routines. It’s something I’ve been forced to attempt three times, across three separate decades, using three very distinct and unevenly successful methods.

Spoilers: The last method is the one that is going to work long-term.

It’s going to work long-term because it’s the best one. It has allowed me to lose (and keep off) 94 pounds through three years of a freaking pandemic. Not only that, it has allowed me to focus on eating a healthier diet than I have at literally any other point in my life. Former periods of ‘fitness’ included.

All made possible because I learned the lessons that our ancestors knew so well.

Drop the fads. Stop trying to sprint your way down to your target weight. Free yourselves of the shackles of finding a ‘diet’ that knocks inches off your waist without teaching you the first thing about how to actually eat healthy.

Pick your target weight, then walk at it until it cannot run from you any longer.

That’s all I’ve done. This entire time. There have been no short-term diet tricks. There aren’t any keto attempts, no water pills, no dietary surgeries or prescriptions. All I have done is chosen my target and bent the whole of my efforts towards staying focused upon it.

Then, you just put one foot in front of the other.

Instead of trying to get it all done at once, I take each day as it comes to me. I weigh myself each morning and assess how I acted the prior day. I don’t flinch from holding myself accountable. That accomplished, I would weigh each decision against my overall goal. Do I want cake now if I’m trying to break down through a new set of tens? Was I good about eating yesterday to justify a small splurge today? Do I really need that cookie or do I just want it? Have I eaten enough vegetables today?

That’s all weight loss is. It’s not magic. It’s not a trick. There isn’t a secret. You simply have to refuse to let your quarry have time to rest.

Keep your goal restless by being relentless.

March to the beat of your internal drums, eyes forward, refusing to accept that you can’t do it, until one day you wake up and find that your goal could run from you no longer.

I promise you; that moment is worth all the walking.


The Unsheathed Quill



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The Unsheathed Quill

The Unsheathed Quill


The Quill is the brain-child of Justin Wallace, an author, producer of podcasts, DM to an unruly crew, and nerd with a family of more other different nerds.